Multicuiseur K-90-6L Avalla

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Votre compagnon de cuisine

L'autocuiseur K-90 inspire avec son design moderne inoubliable et ses capacités multi-usages. Emballé avec des caractéristiques et des fonctions, vous pouvez donc profiter de l'avantage d'une cuisson 70% plus rapide par rapport aux méthodes traditionnelles. Choisissez parmi l'un des programmes intelligents à une touche et laissez le K-90 faire le reste. Ou prendre le contrôle culinaire avec des ajustements manuels pour les recettes qui nécessitent la touche personnelle.


Parfait pour une famille de 8 personnes, le Thermoryte de 6 litres™La marmite antiadhésive va également au lave-vaisselle, donc le nettoyage après utilisation est un jeu d'enfant.


Family cooking made easy

Enjoy the spacious 6-litre capacity pressure cooker that serves up to 8 people, which allows you to effortlessly host dinner parties or prepare family-sized meals, creating unforgettable experiences.

6-in-1 multi cooker

Discover the convenience of a 6-in-1 appliance, featuring a steamer, slow cooker, pressure cooker, sauté, food warmer, and yoghurt maker, offering a diverse range of cooking options, so you can expand your culinary horizons with ease.

Ready when you are

The pressure cooker features a quick vent for its safe steam release system, which ensures worry-free cooking and allows you to focus on preparing delicious dishes with confidence and ease.

Delayed start + quick vent

The delayed start timer is ideal if you want to place your food in the K-90 and have it start cooking later in the day. You can delay cooking by 30 minutes – 24 hours.

Family favourite

Perfect for a large family of 8, the 6 litre Thermoryte™ non-stick cooking pot is also dishwasher safe, so cleaning after use is a piece of cake.

Your kitchen companion

The K-90 electric multi-cooker inspires with its unforgettably modern design and multi-use capabilities; this is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Packed with features and functions so you can enjoy the benefit of 70% faster cooking compared to other methods. Receive an audible alert when your food is ready and the cooker will automatically switch to warmer mode, so your food is still hot when you’re ready to eat.

Automatic set and forget

Choose from one of the smart one-touch programs ranging from rice cooking, food warming, electric steamer, slow cooking and much more and let the K-90 do the rest. Or take culinary control with manual adjustments for those recipes which require the personal touch.

Delayed start auto mode

Let the K-90 work for you with the delayed start timer. Cut out the evening prep and come home to a freshly cooked meal. Perfect for busy schedules or big events where timing is everything. You can delay cooking by 30 minutes – 24 hours.

Avalla for life

With lifetime UK based customer support, over 100 years of industry expertise, and a 2 year warranty, Avalla are always here for you. We are proud to be helping rebuild natural habitats by planting a tree for every order placed and powering our services on 100% renewable energy.

Family favourite
Your kitchen companion
Automatic set and forget
Delayed start auto mode
Avalla is a UK based company, backed by over 100 years of experience in product design and quality assurance.

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Customer Reviews

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Judy Hurst
Fantastic Item, So Glad I Found It

I got this item off Amazon, spent time looking into the best match for my requirements and the Avalla 90 came top - in fact I couldn't believe the price when I saw what it does. Very easy to use, easy to clean and perfect meals every time. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Lucy Phiri
Pressure cooker

I love the way it works,it's just as described by seller. I would absolutely recommend it. It's been user friendly,the manual was easy to understand


I am new in pressure cooker world but just tried it for the first time and it was great! Great price and service!
Manual is kept very short, no recipes or more explanation on cooking, so took more time than expected to get going.
Would recommend!

James Stewart Gibbs

Slow cooks chicken amazingly, same with making the tastiest, most convenient bone broth ever! Highly recommend buying, especially as it is so much more affordable than all up slow, pressure and multi-cookers!


I am so pleased with my K-90 cooker
It does everything perfectly thank you so much