Purificateur d'air Avalla R-45


Technologie Cyclo-injection™

Des prises d'air directionnelles et hautement ciblées forcent les petites particules à s'incruster plus profondément, prolongeant ainsi la durée de vie du filtre jusqu'à 12 mois tout en conservant une efficacité totale d'élimination des particules.

Pure joie

Le R-45 peut être utilisé pour purifier une surface allant jusqu'à 18 m² à l'aide d'un moteur très efficace de qualité supérieure qui ne nécessite que 11 W de puissance. Une faible consommation d'énergie et des filtres longue durée vous feront économiser environ 40 £ par an par rapport à d'autres grandes marques. Les produits Avalla utilisent de nouvelles technologies pour augmenter l'efficacité et réduire les déchets.


Activated carbon lattice traps

Experience cleaner air with an activated carbon lattice that effectively traps pet dander, fungi, pollen, allergens, dust, smoke, odours, VOCs, and toxic gases, creating a healthier environment for you and your family.

Low running costs

Enjoy low running costs with an energy-efficient motor and long-life filters, providing 1/3 the running costs compared to other leading brands, so you can maintain a fresh atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Breath of fresh air

Suitable for medium-sized spaces, this air purifier boasts a 70m³/h CADR and covers 18m², offering a breath of fresh air for your home, bedroom, or office, ensuring a comfortable and refreshing environment.

One touch controls

Effortlessly manage your air purifier with intuitive touch controls at your fingertips and a feature-rich design that includes a timer, sleep mode, 4 fan speeds, and a night light, allowing you to customise your experience to suit your preferences and needs.

Low running costs

Cyclo-injection technology extends filter life to 12 months by forcing small particles deeper into the filter, utilising all the internal surface area. The highly efficient, premium motor requires just 11W to run. Low energy consumption and long-life filters mean the R-45 has just one third of the running costs compared to other leading brands.

Silent but powerful

Sleep mode reduces the fan speed to give you a peaceful night’s rest. You can also activate the built-in night light if required, using the touch screen control panel. The timer setting allows you to set either 2, 4 or 8 hours and the purifier will automatically turn off after the selected time.

Multi-purpose filter

3-stage True HEPA filter air purifier, perfectly suited for every need. Fast 99.97% removal of allergens, toxins, dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander and any particles down to 0.3 microns.

Removal of odours

Utilising a unique lattice activated carbon layer, the R-45 is highly efficient at capturing unwanted odours, removing them from your environment. This means you can stop using potentially harmful chemicals to mask odours. The R-45 will effortlessly purify a medium-sized room, re-circulating the air through the filter several times per hour.

Avalla for life

With lifetime UK based customer support, over 100 years of industry expertise, and a 2 year warranty, Avalla are always here for you. We are proud to be helping rebuild natural habitats by planting a tree for every order placed and powering our services on 100% renewable energy.

Low running costs
Silent but powerful
Multi-purpose filter
Removal of odours
Avalla is a UK based company, backed by over 100 years of experience in product design and quality assurance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
Sonia Rahman-Bari
Clean air

Seems to be working nicely. Air definitely smells clearer. Great for allergy and asthma sufferers. Will buy another for another room.


Only had the air purifier for a couple of weeks, not noticed a huge difference so far but happy to continue using it. It’s compact and quiet, use it through the night

Joleen White
Great for allergy and asthma sufferers

I got one of these to help with my allergy as I kept waking up in the night with itchy ears and throat. It actually stopped this from happening! I am so happy about it. I put it on a couple of hours before bed to detox the room. It also makes the room fresher and more dust free! I'm getting one for my parents!

Great Product! Worth the money

I bought this as I moved into my new rental house and the air was so incredibly dusty I got so many allergies and couldn't sleep because of it. Within minutes of turning this on in my room, it has managed to suck up all the allergins and give me a great night's sleep. I've been using it consistently every night for 3 months now and am very happy that I bought it. I havent noticed any rise in electric costs for it either. It's very quiet on night mode and the light can be turned off :) I have no complaints as of yet

Melissa York
Really quiet

Had this on for the first time, all night and it is extremely quiet. Air feels nicer for sure! Fast delivery, very happy.