Avalla A-171 large air fryer - 5.5l

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Fusion-flow Technology

Revolutionise your cooking experience with the Fusion-flow™ Technology, enabling seamless air circulation for even cooking. Delight in the dual benefit of saving up to 55% on energy costs and cooking 50% faster than a conventional oven. Efficiency and time-saving convenience come as a package with this remarkable feature.

Avalla for life

Every Avalla product comes with a 2 year warranty and a lifetime of dedicated customer support. We are also helping to rebuild natural habitats by planting a tree for every order placed. All Avalla operations are powered by renewable energy, we offset all our emissions and we support hydroelectric and wind farm projects in developing countries.


Putting the fun in functional

Imagine the joy of catering to your family’s appetites with ease. With a generous 5.5 Litre capacity, effortlessly serve meals for up to five people. It’s the perfect choice for everyday family meals, quick cooks or entertaining guests.

Get that fryday feeling

Spend more time doing the things you love and enjoying the food you create with the A-171 air fryer, specially designed to take the stress out of cooking. The large 24cm pot with Thermoryte Technology promises a non-stick experience and easy cleaning delivering outstanding results again and again. Make every day a fryday!

Simply the best

Take control of your culinary adventures with dual control dials offering endless possibilities. The analogue dials aren’t just easy to use, they also help you quickly cook healthier meals, with less oil. Embrace a healthier, vibrant lifestyle, simplifying your cooking journey from sin-free snacks to mouth-watering meals.

Save energy, money, time

Embrace the energy efficiency without compromising on cooking quality. Save up to 55% on energy costs compared to a conventional oven and reap the benefits of reduced cooking times with 1400W of power. This feature promises quick cooking and energy efficiency, keeping your meals delicious and your electricity bills low.

Fusion flow

This large capacity air fryer features Fusion-flow technology, which circulates hot air around your food, not only enhancing the flavour but also saving you 55% in energy costs compared to traditional oven cooking. Plus, it speeds up the cooking process by 50%, so you spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing what you love.

Get that fryday feeling

This large capacity air fryer is the perfect addition to your family gatherings. With its roomy 5.5-litre pot featuring Thermoryte non-stick technology, it easily accommodates hearty meals for everyone at the table.

Your personal gourmet

Boasting two user-friendly dials, this model makes navigating your cooking preferences a breeze, serving up your favourite dishes with effortless ease. It’s as if you’ve got a personal gourmet chef right in your kitchen. It’s not just about deliciously healthy food though; it’s about creating enjoyable, stress-free meals that bring people together. Its simple operation leaves you with more time to relish those precious moments with loved ones.

A kitchen pro

Unleash the power of 1400W within a spacious 24cm diameter bowl. This air fryer isn’t just a kitchen appliance, it’s your professional partner, aiding you to whip up culinary magic, meal after meal.

Fusion flow
Get that fryday feeling
Your personal gourmet
A kitchen pro

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Best Air Fryer Ive Used

Hi Avalla,

I bought your A-171 air fryer around 4 months ago, it has been a blessing to add to my kitchen. I just turn it om, put the food in and get back to watching TV. It's very good

Sandra Kowalewicz
Avalla A-171

I brought the Avalla A-171 air fryer and I'm delighted with it.
So far so good!

Quick delivery too.

Large capacity basket drawer.
Easy function, no complicated digital display to navigate. Very simple to use. Two control ****, one for temperature and the other for timings.

I've used it a few times.
I made crispy tofu in 15 minutes, only had to turn the pieces of tofu once, instead of having to fry on all four sides in a conventional frying pan and using very little oil!

I have also cooked roasted Mediterranean vegetables. Delicious!

I have cooked a pizza in it too. Came out very crispy on the base and cheese was nice and melted.

I'm looking forward to cooking some wedges next.

I'm going to experiment with baking a cake at some point.

The air fryer looks great in my kitchen and is very stylish and has a sleek, unfussy look. Great colour too!

I'm very pleased with my purchase 🙂

Love this brand

It is my second shopping from Avalla, and I love its quality. The air fryer is excellent, working perfectly. I wish it was just a little smaller :)

A-171 Air fryer

The A-171 Airfryer is a great new addition to my kitchen . Not only does it look good it is very easy to use and so easy to clean afterwards .It’s great value for money and I would highly recommend am so happy with my purchase 😊

Rachel Philip
Great addition to the kitchen!

We were gifted the air fryer and it's been so handy. It's easy to use and clean up after, I've got so many recipes/ideas I want to try. My wee girl now looks for air fryer instructions on the food we buy!