Avalla X-150 smart medium eco dehumidifier - 16l

SKU: AVX-150

The Avalla X-150 is an eco-friendly dehumidifier with a medium 3.5 litre water tank

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Because protecting your home means security for you and your loved ones against harmful bacteria and mould caused by damp. Engineered for endurance, performance and convenience, the features are designed around your home’s needs to create balance and harmony in your personal space. Love, Avalla.

Avalla for life

Every Avalla product comes with a 2 year warranty and a lifetime of dedicated customer support. We are also helping to rebuild natural habitats by planting a tree for every order placed. All Avalla operations are powered by renewable energy, we offset all our emissions and we support hydroelectric and wind farm projects in developing countries.


Safe dry

The fastest and safest way to dry delicate clothes. Accelerate natural drying and avoid the harmful heat caused by tumble drying. Perfect for wool, sports-wear, silk, leather, suede and nylon, you’ll extend the life of delicate and expensive clothing, preserving that shop-bought feeling.

Save, save, save

Energy, money and time are precious commodities indeed, especially with the rising costs of living. By being more efficient and more cost effective than a tumble dryer by massive 93% on average, you’ll have more cash to spare and the time to spend it doing the things you love.

Defeat the damp

Prioritising health by protecting you and your loved ones against harmful bacteria, mould, fungus and damp. Used to prevent outbreak or tackle existing moisture issues in your home, garage or workspace. With coverage of 46m² and massive 190m³/h throughput, you’ll rest easy knowing persistent damp is a thing of the past.

Smarter design

Efficiency is at the core of the X-150, using just 0.24kW/h Aero-Dynamic technology quietly captures moisture at just 48dB using CFC-free environmentally safe R290 gas. Operating down to 16°C with large 3.5L removeable water tank plus fan, timer, and clothes drying quick functions, this feature rich performer is useful all-year-round. A simple swipe on the touch control sets target humidity which is constantly and automatically monitored.

Intelligent design

Advanced Aero-Dynamic design for this low energy dehumidifier accelerates saturated air through the condenser array, extracting maximum moisture at 190m3 per hour using just 0.24KW/h of power. This results in a high 46m² active coverage area. This anti mould dehumidifier is also ideal for treating damp, condensation and moisture in homes, bedrooms, garages, bathrooms, and offices.

One touch operation

This 16 litre dehumidifier is fitted with a long reach 1.8M cable. By actively controlling the air to reach your targeted goal, the smart humidistat automatically monitors the environment giving you updates via the large display and colour indicator. A capacitative touch slider makes adjustments as simple as a swipe.

Silent mode

Great for home and office with a maximum noise level of only 48dB so you can enjoy peace and quiet on any setting. You can use these dehumidifiers for drying clothes / fan modes if required. This mini dehumidifier also has several other useful features including a timer, humidistat, washable filter, 3.5L removable water tank and continuous drainage option with an extra-long 2m drainage hose included.

Safe for the environment

We only use natural, non-toxic, and environmentally safe R290 refrigerant. Most portable de humidifiers on the market continue to use R134a which is cheaper, but its global warming effect is 1,410 times higher than carbon dioxide and 50 times higher than methane. When you buy an Avalla smart dehumidifier, you’re investing into a next generation, planet compatible product. The minimum operating temp is 16°.

Avalla for life

With lifetime UK based customer support, over 100 years of industry expertise, and a 2 year warranty, Avalla are always here for you. We are proud to be helping rebuild natural habitats by planting a tree for every order placed and powering our services on 100% renewable energy.

The front of the Avalla X-150 medium eco dehumidifier with a 3.5 litre tank.
The front of the Avalla X-150 medium eco dehumidifier with a 3.5 litre tank.
The front of the Avalla X-150 medium eco dehumidifier with a 3.5 litre tank.
The front of the Avalla X-150 medium eco dehumidifier with a 3.5 litre tank.
Avalla is a UK based company, backed by over 100 years of experience in product design and quality assurance.

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Shivji Gorasia

Avalla X-150 smart medium eco dehumidifier - 16l

Tracey Scott

Great compact unit, very surprised how much water it takes out of the home.

Sharon Rogers
Dehumidifying superbly!

We received our dehumidifier at the start of the week and the humidity of the kitchen/utility room has already dropped from 76% to 50%. Great machine!


The dehumidifier works very well, the noise is in the normal range, I use it in the living area with the flat doors open, 45 square metres. The use is very intuitive, it is a pity that it does not have the level of the water collected in the tank, the bigger model has it. But it does have a 3.5 litre reservoir, so it is sufficient in situations of normal humidity and more.
The shipping service is great, although the tracking showed the wrong delivery date. The parcel was delivered as requested via chat when ordering.
We have used it 4 days so far and are satisfied with it.

The service given via chat is perfect. Thank you.

*Purchased by an Italian resident in Spain for a gift in Edinburgh ;-)

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Paul Southby
Excellent dehumidifier and quality 5 stars

I have had several dehumidifiers over the years, they have all been good, but this one is the best.
Although a slight criticism it could do with a lower float level for the water collection, it lets it fill too close to the top and you need to be careful not to spill any water when emptying it.