Combo climatiseur et déshumidificateur 3-en-1 S-50 portable Avalla


Pour vous et notre planète...

Parce que protéger votre maison signifie la sécurité pour vous et vos proches contre les bactéries nocives et les moisissures causées par l'humidité. Parce que nous reconnaissons que notre planète a besoin de protection, de sorte que tous les Avalla AC utilisent un réfrigérant R-290 respectueux de l'ozone. Conçue pour l'endurance, la performance et la commodité, avec un fonctionnement silencieux jusqu'à 45dB, les fonctionnalités sont conçues autour des besoins de votre maison pour créer un équilibre et une harmonie dans votre espace personnel. Je t'aime, Avalla.

Avalla pour la vie

Chaque climatiseur portatif Avalla est livré avec une garantie de 2 ans et une assistance produit à vie. Nous contribuons également à la reconstruction d'habitats naturels en plantant un arbre pour chaque commande passée. Toutes les opérations d'Avalla sont alimentées par des énergies renouvelables, nous compensons toutes nos émissions et nous soutenons des projets de parcs hydroélectriques et éoliens dans les pays en développement.


Powerful cooling

Get ready for summer! Remember that unbearable heat? We do. Which is why the S-50 is capable of cooling medium sized rooms, ideal for personal spaces and dedicated zone control. With 3000BTU, climate control for spaces 12m³ with auto sensing down to 15°c.

Feature rich

A portable compact design, hosts useful features including 24-hour timer, washable filter and the supplied window kit. This allows for sash-style windows to be easily and quickly sealed for maximum efficiency.

All-season all-star

Doubling as a powerful 7L/day dehumidifier, protect your home and family from harmful damp and mould. Use the supplied drainage hose with no need to vent through open windows. By controlling your climate, you can save a massive 93% on your energy compared to the average tumble dryer.

Safely dry your clothes

The smartest and safest way to dry clothes, protecting your delicates from harsh tumble drying. Sportswear, wool, silk, leather, suede, nylon; accelerate natural drying and save energy, money and time. No more shrunken jumpers!

Multi talented

Market leading industrial class air conditioning unit with 7.2L dehumidifier mode and a 12m³ coverage area. This portable air con unit is ideal for drying clothes or treating damp, mould, condensation and moisture in homes, bedrooms, garages, bathrooms, and offices. To remove the moisture simply connect the supplied drainage hose to collect water in any suitable vessel. The S-50 mobile air conditioners are an ideal winter investment, that will also prepare you for the warm summer months.

One touch operation

This portable air conditioner is fitted with a long reach 1.8M cable, simply plug in, switch on, select cooling mode, and set your desired room temperature as low as 15°C. The built-in AC temperature sensor will automatically adjust all settings to ensure your preferences are met. Simple to operate, everything can be controlled with the user friendly control panel or remote control.

All-season all-star

Designed for use all-year round. The Avalla portable air conditioner unit is made for summer, with a dehumidifier mode for winter and fan mode for spring and autumn. This air conditioner dehumidifier also has several other features including a timer, washable filter, and smart-plug compatible memory.

Safe for our environment

All of our dehumidifier air conditioners only use natural, non-toxic, and environmentally safe R290 refrigerant.

Sash window kit included

The included window kit will allow you to neatly fit the 130mm diameter hose through any sash window, so the extracted hot air from your air conditioning unit is efficiently ejected from your home or office. Alternatively, the hose can simply be placed directly through any window.

Avalla for life

With lifetime UK based customer support, over 100 years of industry expertise, and a 2 year warranty, Avalla are always here for you. We are proud to be helping rebuild natural habitats by planting a tree for every order placed and powering our services on 100% renewable energy.

Avalla S-50 portable air conditioner.
Avalla S-50 portable air conditioner.
Avalla S-50 portable air conditioner.
Avalla S-50 portable air conditioner.
Avalla S-50 portable air conditioner.
Avalla is a UK based company, backed by over 100 years of experience in product design and quality assurance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Tracy Masiglat
Powerful for its size

Bought this on sale, does its job really well, cools the room with one touch. Customer service was efficient.

Gary Jones
Works well but a little disappointed with some features

I've bought 2 Avalla dehumidifiers in the past and they're fantastic at doing their job of removing moisture. Bought this combined Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier as a replacement for the smaller dehumidifier I have. The S-50 cools the room quickly and is quiet enough so as not to be intrusive. However, the diameter of the exhaust hose is quite large making it difficult to get through small windows and the window kit is really only useful if you have sash windows (unless I'm using it the wrong way).
The remote control is handy but some of the buttons on it are a bit pointless as you still need to go to the unit to read the display to ensure you've set it correctly :D
Reading the manual I was disappointed to learn that it only has a 400ml internal tank to store water collected in dehumidifier mode. It then needs to be emptied via the drainage hole which is situated at the very bottom on the back. It's OK if you have a room with a drainage hole at floor level but if not, you have to lift it up to empty the 400ml into a bucket. It could be a little difficult for an elderly person to manage.

Jeol Farrell-humphreys
Good little ac unit

Just received this a few days ago and it takes the edge of how hot it is at night.

A bit clunky

Works fine. A bit clunky.

Angela Nagyova
Looks good

Very quick delivery. Very well packaged. It's too early to say, but it's so good so far.