R-190 Air Purifier

Avalla R-190 Air Purifier

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Low Running Costs

Psycho-Vortex™ technology almost defies physics with its ultra-efficient brushless motor requiring just 24v / 35W of power to produce 400m³/h CADR. This makes it perfect for home or office use.

Astonishing Performance vs Power Consumption

The R-190 uses less than half the power per CADR compared to other leading brands, saving you around £75 per year.


Coverage Entire Home
Coverage Area 104m²
Weight 0.0 kg
Warranty 2 year
CADR 400m³/h
Filtration Stages 4
Auto Mode -
Ozone Safe UV -
Ultra-efficient Brushless Motor -

Advanced in Every Way

Packed with the latest technologies. True HEPA active carbon filter with 99.97% removal rate down to 0.3 microns, auto mode, Ozone safe UV and an ultra-efficient brushless motor giving a large coverage area.


A Quiet Night’s Sleep

Enjoy clean air and silence. Activate sleep mode to silently maintain fresh air throughout the night.


Odours Gone

High efficiency activated carbon absorbs unwanted odours, VOC’s and toxic gasses created from cooking or cleaning products.


Psycho-Vortex™ Technology

Astonishing Performance vs Power Consumption. Psycho-Vortex™ technology almost defies physics with its ultra-efficient brushless motor requiring just 24v / 35W of power to produce 400m³/h CADR. This makes it perfect for home or office use.

Avalla R-190 Air Purifier
Psycho-Vortex™ technology almost defies physics with its ultra-efficient brushless motor requiring just 24v / 35W of power to produce 400m³/h CADR. This results in very low running cost’s saving you around £75 per year compared to other leading brands.
4-stage True HEPA filter air purifier, optimised to suit every need. Fast 99.97% removal of allergens, toxins, dust, pollen, smoke, VOC’s, toxic gasses, pet dander and any particles down to 0.3 microns. Also, the built in UV filtration system will disable 99.9% of airborne bacteria and viruses, the same technology is used in hospitals to keep patients safe.
Sleep mode reduces the fan speed and turns off the display to give you a peaceful night’s rest. Also, the built-in timer function allows you to set from 1 to 24 hours and the purifier will automatically turn off after the set time has elapsed.
Utilising the latest high density activated carbon, the R-190 is highly efficient at capturing unwanted odours, removing them from your environment. This means you can stop using potentially harmful chemicals to mask odours. The R-190 will purify a large area so it can effortlessly purify an entire large home, re-circulating the air through the filter several times per hour.
Avalla are helping to rebuild natural habitats by planting a tree for every order placed. We power all our operations using renewable energy, we offset all our emissions and we support hydroelectric and wind farm projects in developing countries. Every Avalla product comes with a 2 year warranty and a lifetime of product support.

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CoverageMedium RoomLarge RoomMulti-RoomEntire HomeEntire Home
Coverage Area18m²34m²52m²78m²104m²
Filtration Stages33444
Auto Mode--
Ozone Safe UV--
Ultra-efficient Brushless Motor----

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Technically a brilliant device, but not the most human-friendly design

This comes in sturdy packaging that protects the unit well.

Here are my highlights for this product:

? Significantly cheaper to run than rivals
? Less energy use = environmentally friendly
? Genuine Certified HEPA filtration
? Low noise on all but highest setting
? Touch-control display for speed and timer functions
? Small footprint, can fit almost anywhere

? Very high retail price
? No remote control
? No carrying handle
? Upwards-facing fan cannot be used for cooling
? Plastic casing looks a bit cheap

As you can see there are a lot of positives for this purifier and they speak for themselves, but I will give detail on some of the negatives.

The lack of a remote is a strange oversight as I have used models costing half this price which have featured them. A remote has many benefits, apart from the obvious. It means less interaction with the touchscreen, extending that part's working life, and if I am working across the room from it I am less likely to get up and go over and turn it off compared to using a remote. I will therefore waste energy purifying the room when it is already clean air, and also wear out the fan quicker. With a remote I can turn it on from the bed, comfy on the sofa etc. A quick ten minute clean of the air and then turn it off to save energy. Having to get up every time is extremely annoying when you are used to a remote.

Next, if the fan had a shroud it could direct the air sideways, and therefore be useful as a cooling fan. At the moment all the air is going vertically and cooling nothing. That is a big waste of energy.

The lack of anything to make it portable seems strange, you have to carry it about like a bin.

For the high price I would expect all these problems to have been fixed in the design phase, if they are really trying to make this product into a premium top-of-the-line device. It seems they have gone for beauty over practicality, which is a true shame.

I can only give this product four stars because of the negatives, otherwise it would be a five-star product even at almost 270.

Avalla Air purifier

This is decent air purifier, very light so ready to move around, on the lowest setting you can't really even hear it, but as you see in the video the higher the setting the louder the fan gets,I do sneeze alot when I get up so hoping this will help, you can set the timer up to 24hrs which is great, it's easy to open the filter compartment and the slightest of pressure is needed to close it again,which is snug, it overall height is just over 20" width and depth just a tad under 10" so a nice little purifier not to intrusive , yes I recommend

Pinnacle Vision
Powerful and efficient air purifier

I needed an air purifier and powerful enough to cater for my house. This unit is their flagship model and I'm excited to test it out. This units size and specs caught my attention.
The unit is securely boxed and into another box.
The unit wasn't as heavy as I expected but it was a nice light weight but with a quality feel and design. The unit is simple to understand and use. The instructions is clear and easy to follow.
The internal 'True HEPA' filter is large and ruggedly built and looks to last a while. The drum filter just untwists at the base easily and then pulls out. The filter is a quality part and looks so well designed and good air filtration system.
The shell case of the unit is made of tough white ABS plastics and the top looks stylish and has a central touch sensitive panel. You can adjust from stage 1 to 4 fan speeds via the first button, power ON/OFF via the second and then set timer by the 3rd button.
After scrutinising the fan motor, I can see that it is a high quality Psycho-Vortex brushless motor, large, silent and yet very powerful fan at level 4 fan speed. Level one fan is silent, level 2 is audible but still quiet. Level 3 is gusty! And Level 4 is holy moly! Level 4 is so powerful and no wonder it can clean a large area of air.
The power supply is good quality and long enough cable to reach a wall socket where I wanted it to be. The only slight thing that could be better designed and or positioned is the power plug to plugs into the rear of the unit. It sticks out and I cannot push the unit close right up to the wall. It would've been better if the plug, plugged inside and just the cable coming out from a cut out hole.
But this isn't a big issue but maybe handy for the name brand folks to know.
I have the unit on speed 2 and it's nice to know that the air is being constantly cleaned and blasted back out through the top which goes up the gap by the stairs to upstairs. I strategically placed it to do the best filtration to cover the whole house.
I do sense an air of cleanliness, but even if ai can't, it's ok as its doing its job quietly and not noticeable when I'm in different rooms.
This unit gets the thumbs up from my family and to know that they are breathing in cleaner air.
We cook alot and my dad smokes in the kitchen so this air purifier does help in many ways to keep the family breathing cleaner air.
Plus less dust means less dust falling onto objects around the house.
Price wise, I feel its a shade to expensive for what it is at just under 200 and I know I got this through Vine. I would've expected it to come with a spare air filter at this price, otherwise I would've thought 160 is more realistic. Its basically a shell, fan and filter.
A replacement filter currently costs 39.99 but I can't see how long one of these filters should last?
Overall, I am very happy with the performance of this product.

Air purifier

- Arrived on time and well packaged
- Easy to set up and use
- Has a 2 round pin set up but a 3 rectangular pin Adaptor is provided so this makes it versatile
- Quiet
- Not very heavy

Not so good:
- Doesnt have any handles to move it so you have to carry it from the base. Its therefore not very portable
- The fan does cool but because its at the top instead of on the side, no one benefits from the cooling unless youre looking over it. Seems like a slight design flaw