Avalla R-190 air purifier with True HEPA filter

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Psycho-vortex™ technology

A powerful jet rushes near-silently through the double height filter, banishing unwanted allergens, toxins and smells from your home. Engineered aerodynamics coupled with intuitive design lets you harness elemental power at the touch of a button.

Astonishing performance vs power consumption

The R-190 uses less than half the power per CADR compared to other leading brands. Its advanced brushless motor requires just 24v / 35W of power to produce 400m³/h CADR, making it perfect for home or office use, saving you around £75 per year.


Coverage Entire home
Coverage area 104m²
Weight 3.45 kg
Warranty 2 year
Size 25D x 25W x 51.5H cm
CADR 400m³/h
Filtration stages 3
Auto mode
Ozone safe UV
Ultra-efficient brushless motor
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Advanced in every way

Experience cleaner air with an activated carbon lattice that effectively traps pet dander, fungi, pollen, allergens, dust, smoke, odours, VOCs, and toxic gases, creating a healthier environment for you and your family.

Low running costs

Enjoy low running costs with an energy-efficient motor and long-life filters, providing 1/3 the running costs compared to other leading brands, so you can maintain a fresh atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Entire home coverage

Experience outstanding entire home coverage with this premium air purifier, perfect for both the home and office, boasting a powerful 400m³/h CADR and coverage of 104m², ensuring a clean, fresh, and comfortable atmosphere in even the largest of spaces.

One touch controls

Take complete control with user-friendly touch controls at your fingertips, and a feature-rich design that includes a timer, sleep mode, 6 fan speeds, auto mode, and child lock, allowing you to tailor the purifier’s performance to your needs and preferences with ease.

Avalla R-190 air purifier with True HEPA filter
Every Avalla product comes with a 2-year warranty and a lifetime of dedicated customer support. We are also helping to rebuild natural habitats by planting a tree for every order placed. All Avalla operations are powered by renewable energy, we offset all our emissions, and we support hydroelectric and wind farm projects in developing countries.
Sleep mode silently maintains fresh air throughout the night. The timer setting allows you to set between 1 - 24 hours and after this time, the unit will automatically shut down.
3-stage True HEPA filter air purifier, perfectly suited for every need. Fast 99.97% removal of allergens, toxins, dust, pollen, smoke, VOC’s, toxic gasses, pet dander and any particles down to 0.3 microns. Also, the built-in UV filtration system will disable 99.9% of airborne bacteria and viruses, the same technology is used in hospitals to keep staff and patients safe.
Psycho-Vortex technology almost defies physics with its ultra-efficient brushless motor, requiring just 24v / 35W of power to produce 400m³/h CADR. The R-190 has half the running costs compared to other leading brands.
Utilising the latest high density activated carbon technology, the R-190 is highly efficient at capturing unwanted odours, removing them from your environment. This means you can stop using potentially harmful chemicals to mask odours. The R-190 will effortlessly purify an entire home, re-circulating the air through the filter several times per hour.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Abbey Reeve
Avalla AKA Eve

We have affectionately named our Avalla unit as Eve from Wall-e! We love her already and cannot wait to reap the rewards of having her as our newest family member!
Although she won't be the newest for long, this was purchased for many reasons, my son is asthmatic and I will also be giving birth to my 3rd little bundle, and I'm giving him the gift of clean air!!
I have had this in my home for months and was highly aware of the amount of painting going on, so this puts me at ease!

Only con - it's £95 cheaper than when I purchased it!

Sarah Blackburn
Avalla R-190

Absolutely fantastic product. Great price and amazing service from start to finish.

Packaging was fantastic and protective. The inner packaging and protection was of similar quality too. Very simple to operate and set up and is super good quality in design and the components used. Mainly the R-190 is almost silent and it is only a little louder when at max speed.

The quality of the air has changed dramatically within my living space since using the R-190 for the first time. I can’t be more grateful to receive this item. Thank you.

chi hung marcus tsui
Good buy

I recently bought the Avalla Air Purifier R-190, and it's been impressive. The air in my home feels cleaner with less dust and fewer allergies, thanks to its effective filter.

The activated carbon filter works well in getting rid of cooking, making the air fresher quickly. The controls are simple, allowing easy adjustment of fan speed. Plus, it's quiet most of the time, so you hardly notice it's on.

Overall, the Avalla Air Purifier R-190 is a good buy. It's improved the freshness of my home and helped with my allergies. If you need a straightforward and effective air purifier, this one is worth considering.

Nikolay Beshev
Air Purifier R-190

I recently purchased the Avalla Air Purifier R-190 and I am blown away by its performance. The air in my home feels fresher and cleaner than ever before, thanks to this amazing device.

The HEPA filter is incredibly effective at removing all kinds of airborne particles. I've noticed a significant decrease in dust and allergens in my home since I started using this air purifier. It's especially helpful during allergy season when pollen is at its peak.

The activated carbon filter is also impressive. It quickly removes any unpleasant odors in my home, including cooking smells and pet odors. It's amazing how quickly the air in my home is refreshed after using this air purifier.

I also appreciate the simple controls on this device. It's very easy to adjust the fan speed and set a timer. Plus, it's very quiet so I don't even notice it's on most of the time.

Overall, I am thrilled with my purchase of the Avalla Air Purifier R-190. It's made a noticeable difference in the air quality in my home and has helped alleviate my allergy symptoms. If you're looking for an effective and easy-to-use air purifier, I highly recommend this one.

Technically a brilliant device, but not the most human-friendly design

This comes in sturdy packaging that protects the unit well.

Here are my highlights for this product:

? Significantly cheaper to run than rivals
? Less energy use = environmentally friendly
? Genuine Certified HEPA filtration
? Low noise on all but highest setting
? Touch-control display for speed and timer functions
? Small footprint, can fit almost anywhere

? Very high retail price
? No remote control
? No carrying handle
? Upwards-facing fan cannot be used for cooling
? Plastic casing looks a bit cheap

As you can see there are a lot of positives for this purifier and they speak for themselves, but I will give detail on some of the negatives.

The lack of a remote is a strange oversight as I have used models costing half this price which have featured them. A remote has many benefits, apart from the obvious. It means less interaction with the touchscreen, extending that part's working life, and if I am working across the room from it I am less likely to get up and go over and turn it off compared to using a remote. I will therefore waste energy purifying the room when it is already clean air, and also wear out the fan quicker. With a remote I can turn it on from the bed, comfy on the sofa etc. A quick ten minute clean of the air and then turn it off to save energy. Having to get up every time is extremely annoying when you are used to a remote.

Next, if the fan had a shroud it could direct the air sideways, and therefore be useful as a cooling fan. At the moment all the air is going vertically and cooling nothing. That is a big waste of energy.

The lack of anything to make it portable seems strange, you have to carry it about like a bin.

For the high price I would expect all these problems to have been fixed in the design phase, if they are really trying to make this product into a premium top-of-the-line device. It seems they have gone for beauty over practicality, which is a true shame.

I can only give this product four stars because of the negatives, otherwise it would be a five-star product even at almost 270.