S-150 Portable Air Conditioner

Avalla S-150 Portable Air Conditioner

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Market Leading Industrial Class

Better by Design

The S-150 has been developed with a portable industrial class cooling system. This results in a high powered 2345W unit that will cool your room faster, in almost any climate.

Large Room Coverage

The huge 65m² active coverage area allows you to position the unit in any part of your home and enjoy the cooling in surrounding rooms.


Weight 20.25 kg
BTU 8000
Coverage Area 65m²
Air Flow 290m³/h
Maximum Cooling Capacity 2345W

Planet Safe R290 Refrigerant

At Avalla, we only use natural, non-toxic, and environmentally safe R290 refrigerant in all our air conditioner and dehumidifier products. The global warming potential (GWP) of R290 is 43,333% lower than the more commonly used R134a.


Packed with Features

The S-150 has several features including sleep mode, child lock, timer and smart-plug compatible memory. Also, the inlet filter is washable, so you don’t have to worry about buying replacements!


Easy to Use Auto Mode

The built-in temperature sensor allows you to set a target room temperature and then leave the unit to work its magic. Everything can be controlled using the touch panel or remote control.


Avalla S-150 Portable Air Conditioner
Market leading industrial class 2100W cooling easily covers a large 50m² area. Ideal for keeping a large room cool in almost any climate whilst maintaining a low 52dB noise level.
We only use natural, non-toxic, and environmentally safe R290 refrigerant.
Simply switch on, select cooling mode, and set your desired room temperature down to 16°C. The built-in temperature sensor will automatically adjust all settings. Everything can be controlled using the touch panel or remote control.
The included window kit will allow you to neatly fit the 150mm diameter hose through any sash window, so the extracted hot air is efficiently ejected from your home or office. Alternatively, the hose can simply be placed directly through any window.
Avalla are helping to rebuild natural habitats by planting a tree for every order placed. We power all our operations using renewable energy, we offset all our emissions and we support hydroelectric and wind farm projects in developing countries. Every Avalla product comes with a 2 year warranty and a lifetime of product support.

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Coverage Area26m²50m²65m²85m²110m²
Air Flow290m³/h290m³/h290m³/h310m³/h310m³/h
Maximum Cooling Capacity1500W2100W2345W2600W3000W

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Louise Chandler
Welllll no complaints so far!

After reading the reviews I thought well why not! They plant a tree for every item sold… it’s A class energy… it’s a neat little unit. Delivery was quicker than me blinking! Have unpacked it and turned it on and so far so good!

Steve Smith
Avalla S-150 portable air conditioner

The S-150 is a really nice size for storing under a desk or in a cupboard, it’s not too large. We bought it unit in January, so it hasn’t been tested yet. We do not have sash windows but I believe I can cut down the window kit so that it will work with our conservation roof windows. The venting tube is a good length so will reach from the unit to the windows in the roof. The delivery was very quick but unfortunately one of the wheels was broken. Though Avalla customer service posted a new one on the day I reported the problem. Overall, very pleased with the purchase and look forward to testing it properly when we get a bit of heat in the UK. I may even try the dehumidifier features before then.

Mervyn Harris
Avalla X-150 Review

I ordered this dehumidifier from Amazon. They quoted two days for delivery but it arrived within 24 hours. The unit was very well packed and on opening the box it immediately became apparent that this was a high quality product. There was a problem with condensation on bedroom windows and in the bathroom with mould beginning to grow. Within a few hours of use the problem began to decrease and now, after seven days usage the problem has all but disappeared.
Very satisfied indeed with this product and very glad that I chose Avalla. Would definitely purchase again.
The only little niggle is that the slide control for setting the chosen humidity level doesn't;t work very well. In fact, having set it on first use, I'm unable to alter the setting. Otherwise extremely pleased.

Jon Walker
S150 looking good

Delivered in less than 24 hours, well packed and smart looking. Not used in anger yet as its January, but I've fired up every feature and its all good. Looking forward to being comfortable in the summer. The window adapter (sash only} although adjustable is not big enough to fit sliding doors, and will either need to be adapted or another more suitable on purchased

Good Product

We bought this as a Christmas present, so hasn’t been used yet. The product is well made and is a good neat size, it’s not too large. Unfortunately they do not have sash windows, so the kit supplied will not work and we are looking at alternative ways to vent the air conditioner. We did know this when we purchased. It would be good if a method to vent through normal windows could be devised. Overall, very pleased with the product.