S-200 air conditioner

Avalla S-200 air conditioner

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All-season all-star

Perfect for keeping your cool in summer with AC down to 16°C. Ideal for drying clothes or treating damp, mould, condensation and moisture in the winter with dehumidifier mode. Fan mode is there for you whenever you need it.

Multi-room coverage

Market leading industrial-class air conditioning unit with 24L dehumidifier mode and a large 85m² coverage area for multiple rooms at once.


Weight 22.96 kg
Size 325 * 335 * 695mm
BTU 9000
Coverage Area 85m²
Air Flow 310m³/h
Maximum Cooling Capacity 2600W

Environment safe R290 refrigerant

Discover a versatile, environmentally-friendly air conditioner that utilizes non-toxic, CFC-free R290 refrigerant with a lower global warming potential, ensuring responsible cooling for your home.


Easy to use auto mode

Effortlessly maintain your ideal temperature with Auto mode, using the built-in sensor and user-friendly touch panel or remote control for a seamless set-and-forget experience.


All-season all-star

Embrace all-season comfort with this 3-in-1 solution, offering air conditioning, fan, and dehumidifier modes, along with 9000 BTU cooling power and a 310m³/h airflow rate for optimal indoor conditions.



Enjoy the benefits of an energy-efficient, portable, and industrial-class appliance, featuring sleep mode, child lock, and timer, providing enhanced comfort, safety, and convenience in your living space.

Avalla S-200 air conditioner
Every Avalla portable air-conditioner comes with a 2 year warranty and a lifetime of product support. We are also helping to rebuild natural habitats by planting a tree for every order placed. All Avalla operations are powered by renewable energy, we offset all our emissions and we support hydroelectric and wind farm projects in developing countries.
Market leading industrial-class air conditioning unit with 24L dehumidifier mode and a large 85m² coverage area. This portable air con unit is ideal for drying clothes or treating damp, mould, condensation and moisture in homes, bedrooms, garages, bathrooms, and offices. To remove the moisture simply connect the supplied drainage hose to collect water in any suitable vessel. The S-200 mobile air conditioners are an ideal winter investment, that will also prepare you for the warm summer months.
This portable air conditioner is fitted with a long reach 1.8M cable, simply plug in, switch on, select cooling mode, and set your desired room temperature as low as 16°C. The built-in AC temperature sensor will automatically adjust all settings to ensure your preferences are met. Simple to operate, everything can be controlled using the touch panel or remote control.
Designed for use all-year round. The Avalla portable air conditioner unit is made for summer, with a dehumidifier mode for winter and fan mode for spring and autumn. This air conditioner dehumidifier also has several other features including a child lock, timer, washable filter, and smart-plug compatible memory.
All of our dehumidifier air conditioners only use natural, non-toxic, and environmentally safe R290 refrigerant.
The included window kit will allow you to neatly fit the 150mm diameter hose through any sash window, so the extracted hot air from your air conditioning unit is efficiently ejected from your home or office. Alternatively, the hose can simply be placed directly through any window.

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Coverage Area26m²50m²65m²85m²85m²110m²110m²
Air Flow290m³/h290m³/h290m³/h310m³/h270m³/h310m³/h270m³/h
Maximum Cooling Capacity1500W2100W2345W2600W2600W3000W2900W

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Chris Bristow
Very pleased so far

Ordered this great aircon unit recently. Arrived earlier than estimated by Amazon. Which was a pleasant surprise.
Easy to move around once out of the box.
Packaged perfectly, no damage to unit whatsoever.
Have been testing it out this morning and I can say I am impressed.
Have popped on aircon mode at 16 degrees for the last 30mins and my room feels sub-artic (which I LOVE, especially with the summer heat fast approaching).
Great design, loving the touch screen and remote working well.
Only thing I would recommend last somewhere on the unit to “store or connect” the water drain pipe when not being used, it’s the sort of thing I will misplace. However that’s a minor inconvenience and likely easily replaced.

Overall I am loving the unit and would recommend

Brett Fellows
Surprisingly effective given its size.

As our house faces North East the front gets baked in the morning, the rear in the evening making the kids bedrooms stiflingly warm during the Summer months. The recent warm weather has given me chance to check how effective the unit is and so far so good. We have the unit on the landing with the exhaust through the bathroom window. We leave the bedroom doors open and it cools the entire top floor of the house more than adequately for a good nights sleep. Smaller than I was expecting, easy to move around and no noisier than air conditioning in some hotels I've stayed in. Altogether very pleased so far.

The Best Portable Unit I've Ever Owned

What I love about my S-200:

The lowest temperature you can make the air is 16 degrees Celsius. Some other units only can cool to 18 or 17 degrees.

The water drain pipe is included and connects in the CENTER of the rear panel, which lets the water run down (and into my plastic bowl). I don't have to have a flat pan or towels to catch water drained from very bottom of unit as I tilt a heavy machine.

The air exhaust pipe is included and attaches easily to back of unit by sliding, not screwing the pipe on. PLUS exhaust pipe connects in the CENTER of the back panel, making it easier to lead the pipe upwards to my window.

The unit will turn itself off IF the internal water tank is full. And I love that it's a slim unit too, and that the set temperature lights up on front of unit.

And lastly, what I love is that the manual is VERY clear, informative and in perfect English language.


Excellent product! I bought this for a spare room for my 2 x chinchillas so they don't overheat , especially coming into summer! Easy to set up and got a separate window kit for easy window installation! Highly recommend 👌


Bought to go in a gym, made a huge difference, cooled it down and cleared the mugginess from the air!! Absolutely brilliant!!