S-95 Portable Air Conditioner

Avalla S-95 Portable Air Conditioner

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Market Leading Industrial Class

Better by Design

The S-95 has been developed with a portable industrial class cooling system. This results in a high-powered 2100W unit that will cool your room faster, in almost any climate.

Large Room Coverage

The high 50m² active coverage area means you can control the temperature of a large room with ease.


Weight 19.38 kg
BTU 7000
Coverage Area 50m²
Air Flow 290m³/h
Maximum Cooling Capacity 2100W

Planet Safe R290 Refrigerant

At Avalla, we only use natural, non-toxic, and environmentally safe R290 refrigerant in all our air conditioner and dehumidifier products. The global warming potential (GWP) of R290 is 43,333% lower than the more commonly used R134a.


Packed with Features

The S-95 has several features, including a timer and smart-plug compatible memory. Also, the inlet filter is washable, so you don’t have to worry about buying replacements!


Easy to Use Auto Mode

The built-in temperature sensor allows you to set a target room temperature and then leave the unit to work it’s magic. Everything can be controlled using the touch panel or remote control.


Avalla S-95 Portable Air Conditioner
Market leading industrial class 2100W cooling easily covers a large 50m² area. Ideal for keeping a large room cool in almost any climate whilst maintaining a low 52dB noise level.
We only use natural, non-toxic, and environmentally safe R290 refrigerant.
Simply switch on, select cooling mode, and set your desired room temperature down to 16°C. The built-in temperature sensor will automatically adjust all settings. Everything can be controlled using the touch panel or remote control.
The included window kit will allow you to neatly fit the 150mm diameter hose through any sash window, so the extracted hot air is efficiently ejected from your home or office. Alternatively, the hose can simply be placed directly through any window.
Avalla are helping to rebuild natural habitats by planting a tree for every order placed. We power all our operations using renewable energy, we offset all our emissions and we support hydroelectric and wind farm projects in developing countries. Every Avalla product comes with a 2 year warranty and a lifetime of product support.

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Maximum Cooling Capacity1500W2100W2345W2600W3000W

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Air Con

Have just received our new Avella S-95 Air Con unit.
It was delivered just one day after ordering. Great service!
We tested it out after 24 hours as suggested and it works perfectly, immediately producing a good flow of cold air. The remote control works well and it looks great. Very pleased with it. 5*!!

Steve Deane

Bought in Jan, ready for the summer, so I have not used it yet. It was well packaged, arrived promptly and it looks good. I am pleased with its portability - the casters are excellent, running easily over wood floors and carpet. The instructions were emailed separately and they are clear.
Let's hope for a hot summer!

Nice neat unit

Like other people, I decided to get ahead of the crowd this year and bought my air conditioner early. It is neat and not too heavy so can be tucked away in the winter and moved around the house in the heat. Just tried it out to make sure it was working and it was fine. Before buying I got in touch with support to ask a couple of questions. They were very quick to respond and reassuring. Looking forward to using it in the summer.

Helen T.
Can't wait for the hot weather!

After a lot of research and a good few hot summers which I uncomfortably melted through, I decided I would get ahead of the game this year and buy one in January. The Machine is unobtrusive and sits well in a corner of my home office. I've turned it on and the noise is not at all bothering me. It sounds equivalent to the fan on my storage heater and not a problem. I just can't wait to feel a bit smug as I'm cooled during my working day and then can get a restful night's sleep. Mine arrived with a broken wheel which had met with an accident in transit. No problem, I contacted Avalla and one was sent out which I received in a couple of days. Should I encounter any further problems, I am confident it would be sorted out equally as efficiently.

New Product Looks Good!!

Planning ahead, as most are - purchased an S95 - all looks good and had working to test it.

Looking forward to when we can use it to keep cool in the coming summer - roll it on!!

All came with the unit so all set !!